What does “Net Neutrality” Mean for the Rest of Us?



So you’ve heard that on June 12 a Federal court denied claims made against the Federal Communication Commission’s net-neutrality, issuing the first step in rolling out the Open Internet Laws and you couldn’t contain your excitement, right? As media nerds we were pretty excited that the FCC was successful in establishing the Internet as a public utility that should be regulated as such. Still trying to make sense of these regulations? Here is everything you need to know about how net-neutrality will impact the rest of us.

  1. How has the ruling changed?On June 12 the FCC won legal rights to assert extra authority over the Internet to establish net neutrality.  “This is a huge victory for Internet consumers and innovators!” said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. “Starting Friday, there will be a referee on the field to keep the Internet fast, fair and open.” The Federal Communication…

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